Top 3 Best Return on Investment Home Renovations
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Top 3 Best Return on Investment Home Renovations

High Return on Investment (ROI) home renovations and upgrades are always helpful in boosting home value. Not to mention, they help you as long as you live in the house. These renovations are also a point of interest for prospective buyers. 

However, home renovations can be extremely expensive, making them an almost impossible option for most homeowners. But MV Realty’s Homeowner Benefit program can offer you an excellent cash value to upgrade your house and make it more functional. 

How Can MV Realty Help You?

MV Realty offers a Homeowner Benefit program that provides you with a $300 to $5000 cash amount that you can use for any reason. So, why not use the money to improve the condition of your house? The money will not be considered a loan. 

Therefore, you don’t need to pay monthly premiums, fees, or down payments. Also, there will be no credit check to impact your credit history. So, if some renovations are on your mind that can offer you a huge return on investment soon, don’t wait. 

Best Return on Investment Home Renovations

Here are three renovations that will fit your budget and prove to be the best ways to boost home value. 

Fresh Coat of Paint

Giving a fresh coat of paint to your exterior walls can significantly increase the value of your house. If you get it right, just repainting the exterior of your house can give 100% ROI. Since it will also boost the curb appeal of your property, you are likely to attract more prospective buyers. 

The interested buyers will be more than happy to pay the asking price of a house with a beautiful and appealing façade. 

Of course, you need to choose the colors wisely. Creams, light grays, or white are perfect light colors. If you are looking for bold and less-prone-to-dust colors, go for darker shades of red, blue, or green. 

Hardwood Floors

Refinishing hardwood floors can offer you an ROI of 70 to 80%. Strategically refinished hardwood floors can make any kitchen look new again. This will force interested buyers to pay more money. 

A buyer’s first impression of your property is important. This is why adding details to your house, cleaning older items, and redesigning things can make a great difference in the sales process. 

Kitchen Cabinets

This is another home renovation that can help you sell your house quickly. Cabinets are the center of attention in the kitchen for everyone. It can make or break the feel and appeal of the kitchen. 

No one wants to leave a house with the best kitchen cabinets. So, if you invest in durable and long-lasting cabinet materials that have a contemporary design, like shaker cabinets, you might be able to secure a good deal. 

Bottom Line

Whether you want to sell your house or simply want to improve it to live peacefully, MV Realty’s Homeowner Benefit can help you. Homeowners don’t have to put much effort, energy, and time, yet they receive an excellent amount of cash to use according to their needs. 

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